Maternal Child Health Program (MCH)

Our vision for the Maternal Child Health Program

All children in the participating communities will be born healthy to loving parents, and will have support within their extended families and communities to grow and thrive in their Mi’kmaq and Maliseet cultures.

Our Goal for the Maternal Child Health Program

Our goal is to reach out to all parents and caretakers in the community and offer the support and resources needed to promote healthy childhood growth and development. We will work with each family’s individual strengths and needs, and provide them with the tools and resources needed to build a foundation for strong family functioning.


  • Marie Levi-Gorman
    AHSOR Program Coordinator, Union of NB Indians
    (Tel.) 506-627-4611,
    (Fax) 506-627-4613
  • Mallory Paul
    Maternal Child Health Supervisor
    (Tel.) (506) 627-4611
    (Fax) (506) 627-4613
  • Jolyne Knockwood
    Maternal Child Health Coordinator
    Fort Folly
    (Tel.) (506) 327-3409
    (Fax) (506) 379-3808
  • Lisa Steeves
    Maternal Child Health Coordinator
    (Tel.) (506) 743-2524
    (Fax) (506) 743-2523
  • Mildred Metallic
    Maternal Child Health Coordinator
    Eel River Bar
    (Tel.) (506) 683-6297
    (Fax) (506) 684-6282
  • Lisa LaTulippe
    Maternal Child Health Coordinator
    (Tel.) (506) 352-0684
  • Catherine Bernard
    Maternal Child Health Coordinator
    (Tel.) (506) 739-9765
    (Fax) (506) 735-1446