Andrea Paul – Bachelor of Nursing

Bachelor of Nursing,
University of New Brunswick

When I entered my first year of University I was so scared. I thought to myself- Can I do this?

Education allows us to satisfy our curiosities, explore our likes and dislikes and therefore providing us with the knowledge we need about ourselves. This knowledge is crucial to the progress we make as individuals, and together as a human race. The ability to explore different fields of information grants us the opportunity to discover what we truly love in life. The passion to be the best we can be in our specialized fields is what powers the change in our society to make a brighter tomorrow!

My name is Andrea Paul and I am from Eel Ground First Nation. I graduated in May 2012 from UNB with a Bachelor of Nursing as a Registered Nurse. My dream of being a nurse is no longer a dream but rather a reality.

When I entered my first year of University I was so scared. I thought to myself- Can I do this? Maybe I won’t be smart enough? But I stuck with it because I understood the importance of education and knew deep down this was my dream. Four years went by…though it seemed to take forever at times; it whipped by quickly. Finally, graduation came and the fear of NOT being a student anymore scared me even worse. However, throughout this journey, North Shore Mic Mac District Council (Hazel) provides you with all the resources a student will need to be successful. If you are having difficulties- they will guide you, whether it be with student services/tutoring etc. Also, apply for scholarships! I cannot stress that enough! Over my years of Nursing I applied for MANY scholarships (academic/volunteer/involvement/leadership etc) and was awarded over $30,000.00 worth of them in total! You can earn them too!

Through all the bumps, turns and mountains you have to climb while on your journey to completing your education, I can assure you- it is all worth it! You meet amazing people along the way, you learn who you truly are, your likes/dislikes, you grow as an individual and you prosper as a contributing citizen in todays society. You learn to be “you”!

Thank You North Shore Mic Mac District Council for all your help in completing my dream of becoming a RN. My education will not stop here. I plan on returning to University in the future to obtain my Masters of Nursing as a Nurse practitioner.

“A nurse means having immense responsibility with little authority. You step into people’s lives and make a difference. Some bless you, some curse you. You see people at their worst and their best. You see life begin, end, and everything in between. You see a persons capacity for love, courage, and endurance.” – unknown