Beverly Larry – Bachelor of Education

University of New Brunswick

My Name is Beverly Larry. I was born and raised in Eel Ground First Nation. I recently graduated from the University of New Brunswick with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and received my Certificate 5 in May 2014. I also have a Visual Arts Diploma from Red Deer College, Red Deer, Alberta.

After moving home from Red Deer, Alberta in 2008, I became employed by the Eel Ground First Nation School as a teacher’s assistant and an Art teacher. It was then that I decided to return to school to further my education as an Elementary teacher.

The challenges I faced were combining a full time job and attending school part time. It took me five years to complete my degree. I also had a baby during that time which put more demands on me with scheduling a job, school and being a new parent. However, the efforts were all worthwhile because now I am a licensed Elementary teacher.

My role models are my parents because they have always supported all of my endeavors. Both my mother and my sister, who are also teachers, have also continuously guided and encouraged me to do my best and complete my degree.

When accomplishing any goal it is important to really work hard and study. The key to my success was to take my time when doing my assignments and read, read, read. I had to overcome my own views of myself and to realize that not only was I capable of doing this work, but I could really excel in my studies. I asked a lot of questions, observed, and took it one assignment and one course at a time.

My advice to any First Nation student regardless of any circumstance is to continue to follow your personal dreams and go back to school, regardless of how long it takes. Now, that I have completed my BED, I have been thinking about fulfilling my dreams on becoming an Art Therapist. I believe it is the perfect career for someone of my interests and background.