Courtney Simonson – Bachelor of Arts & Community Studies

Cape Breton University

My name is Courtney Simonson and I am from Eel River Bar First Nation, New Brunswick.

In May of 2016 I will graduate from Cape Breton University with an undergraduate degree in Bachelor of Arts and Community Studies. Gaining contacts and support systems through the Cape Breton community was a highlight of my experience; however, having to work and maintain a full course load my first year in university was a challenge.

There are so many resources available for you. If you want to further your education, don’t give up! It may be a lot of work, but upon completion you feel a real sense of accomplishment and pride. Post-secondary education is worth every bit of your sweat and tears, I promise. I never really had any role models, I just always knew I wanted to accomplish as much as I possibly could in hopes of becoming a role model for my family, especially my sisters. You should always lead by example. Support systems are extremely important, but you should always be your own biggest fan. You are worth more than you know and you CAN achieve your dreams. Never give up!