Erin Hogan – Licensed Practical Nurse

NBCC Fredericton

It took me a couple of years to get into this course and when I did I was very excited, I had thought about nursing…

My Degree is Licensed Practical Nurse. I graduated from NBCC Fredericton, it was a 2 year course I graduated with honours in June 2012 . It took me a couple of years to get into this course and when I did I was very excited, I had thought about nursing when I was a couple years out of High School but I had tried university after graduation and it wasn’t for me, college worked better for me. My previous education is a diploma for Pharmacy Technician which I graduated with honours in 2005, I worked as a Pharmacy Tech for about 3 years then after having my 3rd child I decided I needed a change in careers and nursing was always a passion of mine. Going to NBCC was great, I knew my schedule was going to be Monday to Friday during the day, I wouldn’t have to worry about night classes. The course isn’t an easy one, it was difficult to balance school work with home life to spend time with my children, so I always did my readings and assignments after they went to bed or during my lunch hour.

Living an active life is important to me as well, I love to run, I’ve done two 1/2 marathons, and any kind of physical activity. I graduated with honours keeping my marks high was very important to me I didn’t want to just pass the course. I live in Burton with my 3 children and husband which is 1/2 hour drive from Fredericton. That was one of my struggles, the daily trips to school was very hard financially, along with my husband working seasonal, I wouldn’t have been able to complete this course with the help of NSMDC. My advice for an Aboriginal person who’s looking to attend post secondary would to be passionate about what you want to do and to go for it, keep trying to get what you need to succeed! My role models are my parents who always supported me in anything that I wanted to do, my Gram Margaret LaBillois who went to nursing school before she went to war, I have pictures of her in her nursing hat and uniform and feel so proud. My sister Tanya who is an RN but can no longer liver her dream of nursing due to an illness, I’m going to live the dream for both of us. My children are in inspiration to me, they are proud of me and my daughter that is 4 is already telling me she wants to be a nurse!