Ricky Knockwood – Golf Club Management

Holland College

My name is Ricky Knockwood and I am from Fort Folly First Nation, New Brunswick. It took me two years to graduate from Holland College with a diploma in Golf Club Management.

At 30 years old when I decided to go back to school I recently was let go from the Federal Government and suffered from depression like many people do. I felt that I there was no way I could restart a new career and be successful with all the bills and life that I had created. But what I learnt along the way was that if you decide to do something that you are passionate about than the creator will clear the path for you and you will heal in ways that you never expected because you are living life and learning is growth. I worked hard and got part time work because I was doing something I loved and I graduated with an average of 89%! The downs in life provide you with wisdom to share with others and the ups provide you with gratitude!

My advice would be to find what you love to do and don’t be scared to do it even if it’s not what everyone else is doing. You only have one chance to live your dream and you have to be true to yourself and go for your goals no matter what obstacles come up!

My friends and family who support me through everything that I have gone through are my role models. Their belief in me pushes me to achieve whatever I put my mind too. Especially my aunt, Mary Knockwood.

Work hard. Focus. Be patient. Surround yourself with people who love you and you will be successful.