Wanda May Ward

Wanda also has diplomas in: Early Childhood Education, Special Needs Education, and Computer Application… her story below.

My name is Wanda May Ward and I am a forty-eight year old single mother of three grown children. I am a proud Migijto (grandmother) of one handsome grandson, Owen. I was born in Miramichi, New Brunswick and raised in Nataoganeg (Eel Ground) First Nation for most of my life. I speak and understand both English and the Mik’mag language.

I quit school in grade nine and later became a single mother at the age of seventeen. In 1987 I went back to New Brunswick Community College in Chatham to take academic upgrading so that I could get into the Early Childhood Education program. I have continued going to school on and off since 1987. I have three diplomas, one in Early Childhood Education, another in Special Needs Education, and another in Computer Application. I have a certificate in Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and I also have a number of other certificates which I have acquired in regards to my education and profession.

In 2008 I enrolled in a three year Mi’kmag/Maliseet Bachelor of Social Work Programme on a part-time basis. I will officially graduate with an undergraduate degree with a Bachelor Degree in Social Work on July 13th, 2011. I have been employed at the Eel Ground Ginaamoi Headstart for twenty-two years from 1990 to 1998. I worked as a childcare provider and it is after I received a diploma in Early Childhood Education that I was offered the position of Program Director. I have been the Program Director for eighteen years.

Education acquired me to grow in ways I cannot describe and it has opened a lot of doors both personally and professionally. It has motivated me to believe I could accomplish all the goals I set for myself. Education is a healing tool for myself as it has given me the opportunity to understand child development, the youth, special needs children, the elderly and many other important topics for my own personal growth. I enjoy interacting with people of all ages and groups. I especially love interior decorating and helping others decorate their homes, it gives me great pleasure to see that a little change can lift a person’s spirit. I also enjoy reading self-help books and autobiographies of people who survived similar experiences as myself. I enjoy trying new recipes and eating different types of exotic foods and learning about other countries and their cultures. At this time, I am learning how to play the drum. I recently played and drummed for a class assignment and received an “A”. Last week I accomplished another goal that set for myself and that was to run a 10K marathon. I finished in one hour and 8 minutes! Not bad for a 48 year old. It just goes to show that you can do whatever you set your mind to do.

My personal and professional experiences have given me an advantage when it comes to understanding the impact of family violence, addictions, sexual abuse and it is one of the reasons I would like to become a Professional Social Worker. Time has a way of healing, of soothing over the bumpy past of our lives. Gradually we see things from a different perspective. I would like to offer others with a new beginning with their social problems, their causes, their solutions, and their human impact, yet at the same time realizing that change is difficult. I am professionally committed to the pursuit of social justice and to the full potential of each individual, group and community in society.

I have accomplished a lot in the past twenty years this was due to hard work, determination and to always finish what I have set out to do in my life both personal and professional.