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You may now apply for Post-Secondary Educational Financial Assistance, here on our Student Application Portal.  

  1. Please Register your new account to begin.
  2. If you have already registered, please Login to the right.  >
  3. Visit your Profile and click on the Applications tab.
  4. You may save your current progress and come back to continue filling the application later.
  5. Supporting Documents:  Please see below the supporting documents that we must recieve from you in order to process your application.


Hazel Francis (506) 627-4611 Ext. 104
Megan Wood (506) 627-4611 Ext. 103

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Important Documents We Will Need From You

Please prepare the following documents, which will need to be provided to complete your application.  You will upload these documents to your online profile.

Release of Information Form
(for every school term)
Status Card
(just once)
Acceptance Letter
(just once)
(ever year)
Cheque Disbursement Form
(every year)